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 As a professional manufacturer of energy-saving insulation, has been a concern for Huachao in the field of market changes, to develop suitable market demand, and highly efficient energy-saving building materials and energy-saving solutions. For the rapid technological Customer Service and to fulfill its commitment to clients, by virtue of a professional technical team to assist clients develop their markets as much as possible to meet the actual needs of clients and customers achieve a win-win situation
Direct systematic program of building energy-saving
Unique building energy analysis and energy-saving computing to enable customers to obtain tailor-made energy-saving programs, in project development to assist the flow of all customers for purchase of raw materials, professional construction team to provide on-site construction services and quality control to ensure that products and provide after-sales service of products
Professional and efficient technical support Products
Professional technical services team provides a full range of products and services, including product advice, case studies, on-site guidance and engineering design services. Products through the ISO quality certification system, all products are strictly enforced EU CE standards and Chinese GB standards.
In today's world, more and more of the design concept of the building itself has set a higher energy saving and environmental protection standards at the same time, the structure of the building insulation materials with each other more and more the physical stability of attention, as a major manufacturer of energy-saving insulation , China has always been to provide the market with ultra-high-quality products, our production of rockwool PH value at between 7-9 can be fused low chloride ion content of the steel and metal structure of non-corrosive effect.
Application characteristics
1. To apply pressure to the roof plate, pre-cast concrete roof;
2. Can afford the maintenance of roofing installation and maintenance are the rated load;
3. To raise the building roof insulation and noise, improve indoor thermal comfort environment, reduce building energy consumption;
4. To reduce the thermal stress under the roof, extend the life of the building the application.
5. Fire prevention, smoke-free non-toxic, to ensure that people's lives and property.
6. Can be saw-cut, small pieces of the security of fixed construction Convenience.
Acoustic noise and reduced energy-saving insulation
Maintenance of building the wall filled with rock wool Huachao series, can increase the thermal resistance of wall insulation, reducing heat transfer coefficient, so that through the wall of the cold / heat transfer reduced by 70% thereby significantly reducing the heating or air-conditioned room energy loss saving energy costs
The experimental results show that the maintenance of the structure of the building filled with rock wool Huachao series of light quality in line with the wall, compared to the same conditions it is a single brick wall, reinforced concrete walls
Winter: indoor air temperature and wall surface temperature can increase within 3-9 degrees
Summer: indoor air temperature and wall surface temperature can increase within 2-6 degrees
Light because of the bad noise wall, between the keel in the wall filled with rock wool, you can improve the noise level off the wall to ensure the normal work, study and rest.

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